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Coastal Legends is a glorious hard rock album buried deep within the anchient folklore of East Anglia. A region renown for it's Kings, Queens and castles, pirates and shipwreaks, beasts and giants delivered with a rock pedigree producing hidden tribal gems.


With quaint use of Ye Olde English Language the ghostly presence of 12 legendary tracks re-tell local tales spread by word of mouth, dig up a post genre mix of Heavy Rock and Psychedelia with Classic Shock Rock frequency domination. Mesmerisingly dark ancient stories of yore gripped by history, using melodies 'bigger than giants' to melt minds, the tales that nearly always end in death, destruction and fall from grace.

Coastal Legends

Cover Artist - Nicole Marie Boitos

"My first thought was wow, this sounds like lo-fi Beatles on acid. It’s not The Beatles but it’s from the U.K. warm, lo-fi, tripped out, and musical from the brilliant mind of Paul Hayworth"


- Deftune Independent Music Blog


"This album is laden with psychedelic overtones, with an emphasis on spacey composition rarely heard in modern times" 


                - Indie Bands Blog

Indie Bands Blog

"Alternative Indie - Rock , in the sense generic Psychedelia ( from Folk to Space Rock ) and the most classic of Progressive , with broad utilization of electronics , even the most danceable and entertaining sorts. All the influences of the best from the Alternative Rock scene of the Nineties combined with an obvious passion for Hawkwind , Robert Calvert and Steve Hillage , filtered by a melodic taste of flavors from the vague new wave ... Echoes of Spaceman 3, Spectrum, Sun Dial , Radiohead and Church.  Join us in listening to an Opera"


- Arlequins Webzine





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